Metabolic Balance Diet


The Metabolic Balance diet is an award winning, hormone balancing & weight loss programme designed to regulate weight naturally and avoid yo yo dieting.

The plan is unique to your body’s requirements, based on eating real foods from your local supermarket – no pills, no shakes, no calorie counting and no banned food groups.

A worldwide success rate of over 90%, Metabolic Balance enjoys glowing results from clients and celebrities alike who have realised its life changing health benefits. Now it is gaining popularity in the UK.

Scientifically proven ‘weight loss’ programme

Metabolic Balance® is scientifically proven. A personal plan is developed from your health and blood profile. Each programme is unique and the blood test results determine which foods work best for your own body chemistry. 

The personalised programme promotes hormone balance by regulating the amount of insulin your body produces.

In other words it helps reduce food cravings, helps control how hungry you feel, promotes fat burning leading to long-term weight management.

The Metabolic Balance diet resets your body metabolism

Essentially, Metabolic Balance helps regulate the hormones responsible for fat distribution and utilisation.

Firstly, the master hormone insulin goes into fat burning mode rather than fat storing. This can be tracked on your measurements. 

Secondly, the programme looks for nutritional deficiencies and your individual plan tells you what foods you should be eating more of to rebalance your nutrition.

The Metabolic Balance programme is delivered over 12 weeks but the learning lasts a lifetime. 

So, who is Metabolic Balance for?

The Metabolic Balance diet is particularly suitable for:

  • Healthy and sustainable weight loss
  • Balancing hormones including insulin, cortisol, and oestrogen
  • PCOS and poor thyroid function (where losing weight can be difficult) 
  • Menopausal symptoms and post menopause
  • Low energy levels 
  • Promoting healthy digestion 
  • Optimising cholesterol, heart health and blood pressure


* Blood sugar imbalances | high cholesterol | fatigue & low energy | female hormone imbalances  | underactive thyroid  | IBS: bloating, constipation, diarrhoea  | food intolerance sensitivities  | skin issues such as eczema  | high blood pressure | joint pain & inflammation 

What do I do next?  

Contact me to find out if the Metabolic Balance programme is right for you. Guided and supported throughout your programme, you will initially give a blood sample from which your personalised healthy eating plan is generated.

The full Metabolic Balance programme package includes:

  • Initial consultation to discuss your health and requirements
  • Comprehensive laboratory blood test (RRP £350) including lipid, immune, inflammation, liver, kidney and pancreatic health, thyroid, iron and anaemia markers.  
  • Your individual Metabolic Balance® Nutritional Plan
  • Home support pack (everything you need for success)
  • Two day cleanse
  • 14 day fat-burning conversion 
  • Six consultations over 12 weeks 
  • Support throughout from an experienced Metabolic Balance coach 
  • Regular body composition measurements using bioelectrical impedance analysis measuring weight, body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat, BMI and metabolic age.

Cost: £895

Metabolic Balance® is not just another diet. It is an investment in a long term healthy eating approach which for many clients is life changing. The weight loss is almost a side benefit. Quite simply…METABOLIC BALANCE WORKS.

Take a look HERE at the clients who have benefited.

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