Metabolic Balance® is scientifically proven

In 2010, a year-long scientific study on the efficacy of the Metabolic Balance® programme was published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, a leading medical journal.

The results showed that people who are overweight in particular can effectively reduce their weight using Metabolic Balance and this weight loss was sustained over the long term. 62.5% of the participants maintained a weight loss of more than 5% of their original weight one year after starting the programme and 31.1% maintained a loss of 10% or more. The high degree of adherance to the programme was put down to the individually designed plans and coaching support.

Additionally, the study revealed that blood parameters as well as health related quality of life markers showed significant improvement. Of all the clients suffering from metabolic syndrome (the medical term for a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity) at the start of the programme, after one year 76% of them no longer met the criteria for metabolic syndrome diagnosis.

Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism
Volume 2010 (2010), Article ID 197656, 8 pages
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