A few responses from clients….

Female and skin health

“I’m pleased to report I have had two periods over the past two months, my weight is stable and my skin has cleared up. I’m off to Australia for September and would like to reschedule for after that to make sure things are on track. Thank you for all of your help so far, it has made a huge difference”.

Sharon, 32, London

 Digestive health

“ Elaine Jackson really knows her stuff. If you need nutrition advice I can’t recommend Elaine highly enough. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to getting to the route of nutrition issues and has helped me no end in improving my overall well being and improving energy levels. Issues I’ve lived with all my life have now nearly disappeared. Thanks a million Elaine!”

Lucy Winberg, London (via Linkedin)

 IBS and skin health

” My first appointment with Elaine put me at ease. I felt happy to openly talk about what I needed help with and I felt Elaine really listened. From then on I have seen results following her advice, my skin has improved as has my gut. I recommend Elaine to my friends who suffer with skin and gut issues and continue to see her myself “.

S Richards, 32, North London

 Low energy

“Thank you Elaine, I really appreciated your advice and support. I found the consultation very positive and thought provoking. I’ve ordered the kefir and am researching all the other things you suggested. Thank you again.”

J Gerrard, London

 Food intolerance

“Hi Elaine, thank you so much for all the information and support. Your advice has been excellent and both Simon and I are really impressed with your knowledge and guidance. Thanks once again”.

J & S Taylor, Hertfordshire

 Tiredness, sneezing & skin health

“I’m most grateful for the information and thank you for all your excellent advice and help”.

David B, 45, Kent

Insulin resistance

“Evening Elaine, just a quick note to say that my blood is back down in normal range 5.6 after implementing your dietary programme and cutting out the gym shakes in the morning. So thank you for your time and expertise”.

Simon Johnson, London

 Autoimmune condition

“I came across Elaine quite by chance and was so impressed with her knowledge and quick thinking that I signed up for some Skype sessions in a bid to bring some stability to my health. I have an autoimmune condition and my tried-and-trusted diet had stopped working for me. Rather than point me in the direction of another autoimmune diet Elaine looked at the bigger picture and we started working on healing my gut. The results have been amazing: I’m no longer losing weight (in fact I’m now a healthy weight for the first time in around two years), am absorbing fat properly and my digestion is no longer an issue. I cannot recommend this lady highly enough – she knows her stuff”

Rachel Schroder, Wales

Autoimmune Condition

“Hi Elaine, I just had to tell you what an amazing experience it was for me to talk to you yesterday. I am used to trying to have to explain where I am health wise in an almost embarrassed way, with people either rolling their eyes and or being sceptical. As soon as we started our conversation I felt instantly understood and supported and confident about the steps I had already taken, I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. I would love to be in a position to have occasional further consultations with you, something I would like to try and budget for. Thanks again for yesterday”.

TB, London.

 Weight Loss

“I found the MB plan online and went through many different websites before I found Elaine. At our initial consultation I felt really comfortable and gained hope from Elaine that this plan was achievable. Working with Elaine has been easy as she accepted where I was at, we set an achievable target and moved forward with the plan. She really listened to me and has been a real cheerleader throughout my journey. My biggest achievement has been to give up weighting myself every week and to really listen to how I feel in my body. I only weight myself when I meet Elaine and that has helped me focus and realise it’s not a race. I have this week marked a loss of 20kg and I feel so proud of myself. I still have a way to go but for the first time in a long time I believe I will get there.”

Mrs Douglas, London

I hadn’t heard of Functional Medicine prior to seeing Elaine, however being interested in nutrition and dealing with two medical conditions that can potentially affect my weight management I had worked with other nutritionists.. In comparison Elaine is in a class of her own!. Extremely bright, she is also very approachable, flexible, realistic, organised and supportive. Having begun to lose weight prior to Elaine I have lost a further 2 1/2 stone this year since working together and continue to do so. Also one medication has been lowered and the other removed completely. I cannot recommend Elaine highly enough and if you have to wait for an appointment – do. It’s worth it.

K. Mowl, Kent