About Me

Elaine Jackson BSc (Hons), DipION, mBANT, CNHC

Elaine is a registered Nutritional Therapist and experienced Metabolic Balance coach. She is founder of Connecting Nutrition and runs a busy practice in north London. She also works as an in-house Nutritional Therapist for YorkTest Laboratories, a leading provider of food and drink specific IgG antibody food intolerance testing programmes. 

Elaine graduated with distinction from the world renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition and has a degree in Nutritional Therapy. She completed the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice AFMCP) programme in the UK and applies this approach in clinical practice.

Elaine is a member of BANT (The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapists), which requires her to abide by strict codes of practice. She is registered with the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council), supported by the Department of Health which ensures she is trained to the highest standards laid down by the National Occupational Standards. She is a senior associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Elaine is committed to the highest standards of clinical practice and regularly attends conferences and further education at the forefront of nutrition science and optimum health:

  • BANT: Exploring the use of Functional Blood Chemistry in Clinical Practice – Hosted by BANT
  • The gut and SIBO in Clinical Practice Masterclass – Training day, London
  • BANT: Female Health, Genetics and Functional Testing – BANT Training Day. London
  • Brain Health Programme Training – Optimise your mood, memory and wellbeing- Hosted by Cytoplan
  • Autoimmunity and Functional Testing – Hosted by Cyrex Laboratories
  • Cancer: Nutritional Support before, during and after treatment and beyond. – NTEC post graduate Qualification.
  • Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth (SIBO) Clinical Strategies Certification. London
  • Nutrition is the key to Alzheimer’s – Hosted by Cytoplan
  • Metabolic Enhancement for Neurodegenerative Diseases – Hosted by Cytoplan
  • Nutrigenomics in Practice: Methylation – hosted Royal Society of Medicine
  • DNA Life Genetic Testing Certification – London
  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice – Institute for Functional Medicine  – Hosted in London by IFM
  • Supporting the Mind, Memory & Mood – Royal Society of Medicine. Hosted by Lamberts Healthcare
  • Juggling the Endocrine System. Thyroid and Adrenals – Hosted by BioCare
  • Nutrition and Sports Performance – Royal Society of Medicine. Hosted by Lamberts Healthcare
  • Functional Medicine Conference – Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Disease. London. Hosted by Nutri
  • Musculoskeletal Health – Hosted by Lamberts Healthcare
  • Healthy Ageing – Hosted by Lamberts Healthcare
  • Gut Health. Royal Society of Medicine
  • Understanding Autoimmunity. Hosted by Cyrex Laboratories
  • Stress and the Adrenal Glands – Genova Diagnostics
  • Digestive Disorders – CAM and BANT Conference. London
  • Female Health. The Reproductive Years – Royal Society of Medicine
  • The Menopause Transition. RSM 
  • Chronic Fatigue and Mood – BANT and CAM Conference. London
  • An Orthomolecular Approach to Allergy and Atopic Disease – Nutri Advanced
  • Restoring Vitality through Mitochondrial Support. Lamberts HealthcareLondon
  • Dietary Strategies for the Management of Cardiovascular Disease. RSM. London
  • Integrative Medical Strategies for Candida. Nutri Advanced
  • Women, Gut Disorders and Clinical Conference – BANT and CAM Conference. London
  • Role of Stress, Nutrients and Inflammation in Sex Hormone Dysfunction – Genova Diagnostics
  • Allergy Masterclass – Allergy and Free From Exhibition. London
  • Thyroid Dysfunction – Genova Diagnostics