Nutritional Therapy in Angel, Highbury & Islington

Nutritional Therapy enables you to take charge of your health. When you start improving your health naturally with the right foods and nutrients, positive benefits can be seen. Simple changes in diet can lead to profound changes in your health and the way you look, think and feel.

It’s not just food that affects your health. Your lifestyle, environment, genetics and past health history impact your bodies, making your situation unique with your own individual dietary and nutrition needs.

Connecting Nutrition uses the Functional Medicine approach which recognises the need to understand your whole story and not just the symptoms in order to evaluate the underlying health issue. Very often this is due imbalances in body systems and/or imbalanced nutrient status. 

We connect imbalances to food and nutrients providing individual nutritional programmes to support:

  • Unexplained low energy and fatigue
  • Digestive health, IBS and bloating
  • Food intolerance and sensitivity                                  
  • Blood sugar management
  • Weight loss & long-term weight management
  • Thyroid and hormone health
  • Inflammation and autoimmune conditions
  • Healthy mental health
  • Menopause and healthy ageing
  • Disease prevention and general wellbeing

smoked-salmon-mediumOur guidance is practical, balanced and achievable making it easier for you to take small steps towards long-term changes in your health and wellbeing.  For more detailed information on how we can help you, please click here

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  • Nutritional Therapy

    • Struggling with digestive issues?
    • Do your energy levels fluctuate?
    • Are your symptoms associated with a diagnosed chronic condition?
    • Your GP has run all the tests?

    Connecting Nutrition may be able to help? 


  • Happy with your weight?

    Not able to lose weight? Or keep putting weight back on?

    Imbalances in your body can prevent you from losing weight?

    Please contact us to chat through how we might be able to help?

  • Clean Up Your Diet!

    Do you want to clean up your diet, feel revitalised and learn a different approach to which foods to eat? The Nutrition Cleanse programme is a 14-day eating programme to help support the natural detoxification pathways of the liver, support healthy digestion and re-energise your body.

    See The Nutrition Cleanse for more information.