Nutritional Therapy in Angel, Highbury & Islington

We are open for business. During this time of the Coronavirus, we are providing the same level of service via the virtual health clinic. Wishing good health to you and loved ones. 

Hi, my name is Elaine. Welcome to Connecting Nutrition

I help women and men take charge of their health through nutritional therapy, diet, foods and nutrients. Specific areas of experience are gut health, food intolerance & sensitivities, hormone (im)balance including thyroid, skin health, sugar imbalances, immunity and weight loss, particularly for the over 40s.

Simple adjustments in diet can lead to profound health changes in the way you look, think and feel. I support changes in clients relationship with food and with those not looking for just a quick fix.

Nutritional Therapy is a natural dietary prescription often given in response to an underlying imbalance in a body system and / or imbalanced nutrient status. Connecting body imbalances to nutrients in foods, I provide nutritional programmes to support:

  • Digestive un-wellness: IBS, bloating & other symptoms
  • Unexplained low energy | Feeling exhausted
  • Blood sugar imbalance | Managing insulin through diet
  • Weight loss | Long-term weight management
  • Thyroid & hormone balance
  • Inflammation & Autoimmuninty
  •  Skin health: eczema, acne, rosacea
  • Mental health | Protect your future brain

Guidance is practical, balanced and achievable making it easier for you to take the small steps…..and bigger steps when you want.  

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  • Why don’t I feel well?

    • Struggling with daily bloating?
    • Hormones all over the place?
    • Energy levels up and down?
    • Your eczema itch won't go?
    • GP has run all the tests with everything normal?


    Nutrition therapy may be able to help? Click here to find out

  • The right weight loss diet ?

    • No quick fix
    • No pills, no shakes, no calorie counting
    • No banned food groups
    • No missing meals
    • Real food weight loss that changes lives
        Take a look here.    
  • Clean Up Your Diet!

    Do you want to clean up your diet, feel revitalised and learn a different approach to which foods to eat? The Nutrition Cleanse programme is a 14-day eating programme to help support the natural detoxification pathways of the liver, support healthy digestion and re-energise your body.

    See The Nutrition Cleanse for more information.